The best packaging for certain products

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We all have a problem with something sometimes. One time something is too expensive, another time you have too little time and yet another time you have no knowledge about a certain subject. Very annoying, but we are going to do something about it. Not about the former or the latter, but about the latter. We realise that as a business owner you don’t have all the time and that we can’t teach you everything, but we are going to provide you with a lot of information. We will do that in this blog by telling you which packaging is best for your business. We will look at a number of factors, including the shelf life of a product and its impact on the environment. So you’d better read on, because all our choices together can lead to drastic consequences. It’s up to you to make sure those drastic consequences work out the way you want them to. 

Miron glass

The first form of packaging we want to discuss with you is that of Miron glass. Miron glass is a special kind of glass. It is completely natural, but offers supernatural benefits. It is a type of glass that blocks the bad rays of the sun and lets the good rays through. This makes it extremely suitable for storing oil, cosmetics, seeds, nuts, fruit and other non-perishable items. It is therefore widely used in the cosmetics industry but also in the food industry. The packaging like dropper bottles or apothecary jars wholesale are long lasting, have no negative impact on people and environment and make sure your products last longer. This makes it an excellent, in our opinion even the best, option if you want to store your products as a company. Your customer can enjoy what you can provide them with even longer.

Paper bags

Then the last one again. Sorry, we don’t have much room. Paper bags are not suitable in every case, but they can come in handy. This is especially the case if you are giving things like food directly to a customer, or if you have something small that can be given away and is not very fragile. A toy, a part for a machine and so on. It is up to you, but remember that a paper bag is not very sturdy. It is, however, a very nature-friendly option.