Periods after Birth

After pregnancy, a woman’s body will experience period-like bleeding as the uterus contracts back to its normal size. This bleeding can be fairly heavy and can last up to 2 months. In the beginning, the blood will be bright red and then gradually becomes brownish red towards the end.


Some women experience postpartum hemorrhaging which is when a woman bleeds more than normal after giving birth. Contact your doctor if you have any of the following symptoms after giving birth:

· You are filling more than one pad every hour

· You have blood clots the size of an egg or bigger

· Dizziness or trouble breathing


Postpartum hemorrhaging can be life-threatening if you notice anything unusual after giving birth seek medical attention.

How long until I get my period after having a baby?

Everyone woman’s body is different as to when they will get their period after giving birth. Women that don’t breastfeed their babies will get their period quicker than women that do breastfeed. A woman can get her period as soon as 3 weeks after giving birth if she is not breastfeeding. If a woman breastfeeds, she can get a period 7 months after birth and sometimes up to 1 year- this depends on how long the woman decides to breastfeed.

Will my period change after having a baby?

After pregnancy, a woman’s uterine cavity is larger than normal and there is more endometrium. The endometrium is the mucous membrane that lines the uterus. During ovulation, the endometrium thickens as a woman’s unfertilized egg is released. When a woman becomes pregnant the embryo implants itself into the endometrium. The endometrium supports the growth of the baby by supplying it with oxygen and nutrients and protecting it from bacteria.

Some women experience heavier, longer, or more painful periods after giving birth because their bodies are trying to shed the extra endometrium. Other women may have improved periods after giving birth. After birth, a women’s uterus and cervix are stretched helping improve periods in some women.



During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through several hormone changes and changes to protect the unborn baby and supply it with nutrients to grow. After childbirth, it can take weeks or even years for a woman’s body to return to normal. Menstrual periods do not go away after pregnancy, women still experience menstruation and the pain with menstruation can be worse than it was before a woman became pregnant. Investing in the right products to ease your post-birth menstrual symptoms can be beneficial in building confidence and reducing pain.

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