Efforts to overcome unemployment

how great is unemployment for Oklahoma. This phenomenon is a subject that is constantly debated. This is difficult to prevent due to unprepared treatment. The state can only reduce unemployment so that it does not increase. Unemployment is something that is known in all parts of the world, especially in developing countries. Unemployment is a term for people who are not working at all, looking for work, or someone who is currently working. trying to get a decent job

The appearance of unemployment is due to several factors

  1. the number of unemployed is the result of people’s weak thinking ability to create jobs. Most people are hesitant to take big risks to become entrepreneurs. They prefer to be workers. We already know that if you become a pawn or an employee, you will live under pressure or orders. It is different when we become entrepreneurs, then we have the opportunity to create jobs.
  2. the level of education The low level of education makes it difficult to find work. In fact, the job requires employees with a good educational background and extensive experience.
  3. there is discrimination based on race gender and people with disabilities. Circumstances and discrimination against people with disabilities in competitive opportunities in the world of work cause them to abandon their job search and take shortcuts as beggars. Fourth, depending on the ability of the parents. It cannot be denied that in some cases there are children who are born into wealthy families, which makes them dependent on their family assets. They prefer not to work because their families can afford it. There are many other factors that cause unemployment.

Most of the unemployment is dominated by young people. Both young people who do not go to school, many even get a bachelor’s degree but experience unemployment.

Universities and students must be able to adapt to technology if they want to survive in the competition. According to him, the number of graduates graduating each year is disproportionate to job acceptance. Therefore, the government continues its efforts to expand employment and increase productivity

For university students it is difficult to penetrate the labor market because the relevance between the quality of higher education and the needs of the industrial world is still low. Also, it is not uncommon for college graduates to choose too many jobs because they believe they have higher skills.

The impact of unemployment also varies, including causing poverty, causing criminal acts (such as theft, robbery), and lowering skill levels. The longer you are unemployed, the lower your skill level. Unemployment is one of the problems that needs to be addressed properly and quickly. The consequences of unemployment are many.

One of the efforts to overcome unemployment is to provide free education to the disadvantaged. The existence of free education, then they can still gain knowledge that will be used for the provision of employment. The synergy of the government in the provision of employment can exceed the unemployment rate. But not only from the government, the community must also work together to create employment opportunities for others. In addition, training institutes need to be developed so that even if they do not receive formal education, they can still work and open businesses that can create jobs. The importance of this solution is expected to be able to minimize high unemployment.

The number of unemployed can harm the country. The country will find it difficult to experience prosperity and prosperity. So don’t let unemployment rise continuously. Unemployment among students is also quite high. Even though they have been studying for quite some time, there is still a lot of unemployment among students. As a college student, you need to be serious about your studies, not just to get a bachelor’s degree. Unemployed graduates, especially because they do not study seriously while they are students. The wrong protagonist is like being indifferent and not caring about his lectures. Strengthening the academic environment, increasing competencies and being supported by adequate skills in affective aspects or mental attitudes will make it easier for graduates to compete in the world of work.

To win the competition, graduates must be able to explore their own potential. Self-potential is a mental attitude that is implicitly a form of one’s “personality.” A strong personality will form a strong character of one’s own, which becomes the capital to win competition in the world of work in an effort to minimize unemployment. Let’s build a strong personality.