9 Benefits of Cycling for Women, Good for Physical to Mental

Women's cycling: why it's time for change

The trend of cycling is now booming, making more and more women try it. The benefits of cycling for women themselves are diverse and not only revolve around physical health, but also mental.

Of course, to be able to get these benefits, you need to bike regularly, in the right and safe way. Especially in the corona pandemic as it is now, safety when cycling should be given more attention and not become an arena of transmission and spread of disease.

Benefits of cycling for women

Here are the various benefits of cycling for women that can be obtained.

1. Reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes

If done routinely, cycling can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Because, this exercise can reduce the potential for various conditions that could be a risk of the disease, such as obesity, for example.

2. Maintain body weight

Cycling on a regular basis, especially with high intensity, can help reduce levels of fat in the body. That way, your weight can be maintained at an ideal level.

This exercise will also increase metabolism and build muscle, so the body can more effectively burn calories, even when resting.

3. Good for mental health

Cycling can help relieve stress, depression, and anxiety disorders. By concentrating attention to the road when cycling, then your mind will come to focus and enjoy the moment that is currently being passed.

This can get rid of negative thoughts that often stop in the heads of people with mental conditions. In addition, exercise will also trigger the release of endorphins which are happiness hormones that can reduce stress.

4. Relieve symptoms of menstruation to menopause

Regular exercise including cycling is good to relieve various symptoms that are specifically experienced by women, such as menstrual symptoms and menopause. If you do it routinely, then the discomfort that often stops by when the two phases arrive, can be reduced.

5. Increase self-confidence

Taking on new challenges or new hobbies can increase one’s confidence, including cycling. This activity will also make the body more healthy and fresh, and help maintain ideal body weight, so that self-confidence can continue to rise.

6. Improve balance and posture

When cycling, you will automatically try to stabilize your body position and keep the bike straight. This will help improve balance and improve body posture.

As we get older, the balance will decrease, so cycling can be one way to maintain it. By having a balanced body, then your risk of falling and experiencing injury while doing daily activities will also be reduced.

7. Increase leg strength

Cycling can increase the strength of the lower body, without making muscles work too hard. With regular cycling, the strength of the calf, thigh, and other leg parts will increase.

8. Exercising body strength

Doing this exercise can also train the strength of body muscles, including the abdominal and back muscles. Cycling in the right position, has automatically trained the strength of both muscles.

9. Good for people with cancer

For people who are recovering from cancer, cycling is very beneficial for improving health. In addition, cycling can also reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

Meanwhile for women who have had breast cancer, staying active in sports, including cycling can help reduce the side effects of medications such as weakness. This exercise will also improve the quality of life.

Safe tips for cycling for women

For women who want to start biking, here are a few tips to consider in order to ride safely.

  • Keeping the distance between cyclists

For women who start cycling routinely, there are a number of things that need to be considered, especially when the spread of the corona virus still occurs as it is now. First, according to the protocol issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, you still have to pay attention to the distance between cyclists, which is a minimum of 20 meters.

  • Use a mask if cycling in a crowded place

In addition you are also required to use a mask when cycling in crowded areas, while still paying attention to physical abilities and lung capacity. If you feel tired enough, rest without taking off the mask.

  • Wear protective gear, even if only on short range cycling

To be safe, wear a bicycle helmet when you do this sport. In addition, using clothes and shoes that are covered can also protect the body if at any time you fall while cycling.

  • Comply with existing traffic signs

When biking you still have to obey the existing traffic signs. If the lights are red, follow along. Then when you want to turn, use a wave of your hand to tell the person who is driving behind.

  • Choose the right time

If possible, do not cycle during rush hour, when many vehicles are on the road. It’s best to choose a time when the road is quiet, but it’s still bright and safe.

The benefits of Girls’s Fitness or cycling for women are diverse and can be obtained if you do it regularly while still carrying out certain steps to drive safely.